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SYT Global Inc. is the parent company of Elite Investigative Journal, Forensic News Journal, Saairah Entertainment News (The Artist Edition), (Inspirational Edition) and (Classical Edition) and Saairah Chronicles. The purpose of this is to provide our audience with a an upgraded experience that will allow you to obtain knowledge while engaging in an interactive environment the will allow you to navigate to information that piques your interest. 

Sonya Trippett is the President & CEO of SYT Global Inc and she has built this Corporation from the ground up and will continue to guide this company to greatness. Sonya has a vision for this Corporation to provide help to others in many different ways so that people can be provided with a way to help themselves either through having extensive knowledge on various topics and being able to find solutions for issues that are effecting their lives and/or the lives of their families.

ELITE INVESTIGATIVE JOURNAL is your source for innovative, thought provoking and educational information that will allow you to increase your knowledge and overall understanding of various trending topics related to the investigative industry worldwide.  We cover many topics related to the law enforcement, private investigation, security sector, forensics and much more.

FORENSIC NEWS JOURNAL focuses on forensic topics and covers forensic investigations in the US and Worldwide. Our goal is to provide you with information that will open your mind to the ever changing informational age. We will help you to understand forensic investigations and how professionals in this field solve cases.

It is our pleasure to offer you articles and interviews from individuals who are experts in their perspective fields of study. These experts will keep you informed and teach you from their achievements, knowledge and skill set.

SAAIRAH ENTERTAINMENT NEWS is an all interactive magazine which features artist who share their talents within our publication. The purpose of this magazine is to allow those who want to share their talents with others to have a space to do this in an interactive environment. The interactive environment means that you will be able to click on links, buttons etc to view videos, to click on music players to hear music and much more. This is a innovative approach to magazine production that will change how people interact with information for many years to come.

SAAIRAH CHRONICLES is our TV Series that can be viewed on Comcast channel 66/966, Verizon FIOS channel 29/30 and on the web at on Mondays 7:30pm to 8:30pm. This is a show where you will view documentaries on various topics that will provide you with thought provoking information. Our goal with this series is to enlighten others and to encourage viewers to expand their knowledge base which will create healthy discussions that will be shared with others in their communities.

Elite Investigative Journal

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Forensic News Journal

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Saairah Entertainment NewsMagazine

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Saairah Entertainment News TV

TV Series---Saairah Chronicles--

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